Anamnèse, Anamnesis, e-health service platform

We offer digital patient journey solutions for any care offer.

By relying on our interoperable components of our platform: (making appointments, questionnaire, screening, e-regulation, coordination, teleconsultation, remote monitoring ...), we develop business software, or we help you quickly create yours.

Our goal is to help you optimize the care pathways by making the patient a stakeholder in their health, in order to enrich the discussion time in consultation, and to make medicine more humane and more efficient.

Le patient au centre du parcours ville-hôpital grâce au digital et à l'Intelligence artificielle

Anamnesis medical software treats all "health"

Built on a common platform, all our solutions benefit from shared R&D efforts (interoperability, regulatory compliance (GDPR, HDS, INS, ENS, DM, eCPS...), which allows us to address different areas of medicine:


Solution e-santé pour la ville : médecin, infirmière, pharmacien, Kiné, orthophoniste

Teleconsultation, tele-care, e-regulation, coordination, tele-monitoring, vaccination...


Logiciels e-santé Anamnèse interopérables avec votre DPI, et vos logiciels en place

Interoperable e-health software to digitize patient journeys before, during and after their stay


Prévention santé au travail, à l'école, dans toute organisation grace à la suite logicielle Prevana d'Anamnèse

In business or at the School, health prevention in organizations complements the curative medicine of city & hospital.

The specificity of Anamnesis

module e-santé assemblables pour réaliser des parcours patient.

Rapid assembly of "e-health" modules

Meeting, teleconsultation, remote monitoring solutions are now a convenience. Our know-how is to help you optimize patient journeys by assembling these modules, interoperability with your systems, and the reproduction of medical reasoning thanks to our explicable artificial intelligence (the MKG).

modélisation connaissance médicale

Medical knowledge modelled for explainable AI

Since 2017, and our incubation at the Ecole Polytechnique, and with the support of the BPI, Anamnèse develops the MKG (Medical Knowledge Graph), a holistic modeling of medical knowledge, compatible with medical ontologies such as CIM-10, Orphanet… )

It is the MKG that allows us to quickly develop solutions of Screening, Regulation, Telemonitoring, Differential diagnosis

This know-how enables us to

  • Offer many software that can be used immediately without installation
  • Be able to quickly develop a new digitised care path according to your needs

Regulatory Compliance and Health Data

All of our Saas solutions are GDPR compliant, and health data is hosted in FRANCE on HDS-certified servers (OVH).Many of our software are certified Class 1 medical device for better quality of our products. Finally, as part of our partnership with the ANS (obtained thanks to the Prix Galien) we are at the forefront of INS, E-CPS, and MSS issues.

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Anamnèse vous aide dans la conformité réglementaire de vos applications e-santé

They trust Anamnesis to digitize their medical care journey

Anamnèse is mainly used as a white label by medical structures: Home care provider, Medical software publisher, Startup in e-health, EHPAD, Hospitals, clinics, Occupational health service, or by health professionals in liberal


Hospices Civils de Lyon for a clinical trial on the prehabilitation of elderly patients


Armed Forces Health Service: Observational Mental Health Study

Hôpital Foch fait appel à Anamnèse pour optimiser son service des urgences et d'ORL

Digitization of the Emergency Department and ENT Consultation médecine libérale

Anamnèse + inzee.Care partnership to offer solutions to liberal practitioners.

SOS92 Vaccihelp

Organization of the vaccination campaign at SOS doctor 92 with VacciHELP.

logo studiosante

STUDIOSanté is an Anamnèse partner for malnutrition screening and prescription.

les pompiers de l'Allier font confiance à Anamnèse pour la prévention santé au tr

SDIS03 - Vaccination and Covid19 Remote Monitoring


SDIS78 - Vaccination and Covid19 Remote Monitoring


SDIS77 - Covid19 Screening and Remote Monitoring Solution