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At Anamnèse, we are convinced that digital technology must be at the service of healthcare professionals and prevention specialists, that we can TRANSFORMING THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM TOGETHER AND TAKING IT INTO A NEW ERA.

Anamnèse aims at :

HUMAN and personalized healthcare, for practitionners to fully exercise their vocation
PARTICIPATIVE healthcare, where everyone is an active participant and responsible for their own health
PREVENTIVE, targeted healthcare that goes beyond curative care
COORDINATED healthcare where all healthcare players are connected

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A unique modular platform for innovative e-health solutions

Guided by a human, responsible, preventive and connected vision of healthcare, Anamnèse provides a concrete response to all healthcare players to digitalize and improve care paths and support their digital transformation

A unique modular platform for digitizing all types of care, based on a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Reasoning Modeling (MKG).

3 solutions for 3 markets

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