Our vision

The healthcare system is lagging behind in its digital transformation

Over the past 20 years, all the main business sectors have launched their digital revolution: Banking, Insurance, Tourism, Transport .... All of them have transformed the user experience thanks to digital technology, to the benefit of their customers: simplicity, immediacy, seamless pathways, are at the heart of our daily uses.
And yet, in the healthcare sector, it seems that the benefits of digital technology are not being fully exploited.
Prevention is still in its infancy, patients are pressured to seek immediate treatment, specialists are over-solicited, a consumerist approach to healthcare has been established, financial restrictions are in place, there is a shortage of healthcare staff, outpatient care is inadequate and hospitals are in dire straits...

These problems are jeopardizing our healthcare system, and call for a rethink on how to reinvent it.

Collectively, we can change the face of our healthcare system

At Anamnèse, we're convinced that digital technology should be at the service of healthcare professionals and prevention specialists, that we can TRANSFORM THE HEALTH SYSTEM TOGETHER AND TAKE IT INTO A NEW ERA.

We are convinced that, collectively, we can shake up our healthcare system in the broadest sense of the term, ultimately saving professionals time and improving prevention and care for each and every one of us.

And we all have a role to play

  • Patients: they can take action throughout the care process, outside the consultation. There is a real demand for patients to take charge of their own health.
  • Paramedics: by being close to patients, on a regular basis, to monitor, explain, alert and coordinate, according to established protocols.
  • Medical professionals: using technology to delegate certain tasks in the care process to patients and paramedics
  • e-health (digital health) software startups like Anamnèse: providing the technology that makes this possible, while guaranteeing data security and access, complying with regulations, and making it easy for all users to use.